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ABG Stretch Tape 2.0



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This tape was specifically developed to be the ultimate tape for weightlifting and grip. ABG Stretch Tape is an adhesive tape, which by design will stick to your thumb and not move during training. The ABG Stretch Tape is manufactured by weaving a specific number or horizontal and vertical threads of elastic into a cotton cloth that gives the best feel while maintaining strength. Adhesive is then metered on to the maximum quantity the fabric can sustain. This provides optimal grip to your skin without peeling off finger nail polish or leaving an excessive residue that is difficult to remove. Extremely flexible, easy to hand tear and maximum adhesive make this tape unique in the field because it will not slide off during heavy lifts and remains flexible to get a perfect grip. Ideal for wrapping the thumb to improve the hookgrip, forearms for protection from Atlas Stones, wrapping entire palm to protect a torn callus and shins to prevent barbell cuts. We have also been told that people are using this on baseball bats, fingers while golfing, even tennis rackets.

Each roll is: 5cm x 6 cm


VectorCreated using Figma
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